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i-bet-no-one-else asked:

NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE. Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and send this to 10 of your favorite followers.

Holy scaffolding, one of my favorite tumblr-ites sending me this~  I’m humbled X3  This’s gonna be really hard

  1. I have lovely eyes that can’t choose between green and blue
  2. I have a nice personality
  3. I have -according to a lot of people- an infectious laugh
  4. I’m hella pretty -at least in my own opinion~
  5. And I have really cute dimples :D

Thanks for this, deary <3

These were taken last night while tinypeckers was just a tad sloshed.

To explain the captions:

We were talking about the Dark Crystal AU and Lacey asked if Podlings wore pants.  I informed her they wore skirts/dresses and she comes out with that.

She searched for about five minutes for that drink.  It was great.

Lacy was on Duolingo and the sentence was about watching Spongebob.  She rambled on for a second before turning to the camera and whining about dating a starfish.

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